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The list below will eventually contain links to all significant Oakmont Observer articles, in chronological order within each year. Excluded will be, for example, short articles announcing events that have long since passed. As new articles are published, references to them will be added to this list. Numbers in [brackets] are identifier numbers which are intended to be unchanging as the list expands, and which therefore may be used to reference a particular entry below.


[2024-001] Oakmont Observer is Back!, by Bruce Bon, 28 January 2024,
Includes 5 reader comments as of 17 February 2024.

[2024-002] The Oakmont Observer Bibliography, by Bruce Bon, 28 January 2024, (THIS ARTICLE)

[2024-003] Oakmont Grassroots Organization: Championing Inclusivity, Affordability and Sustainability, by Oakmont Grassroots Organization, 2 February 2024,
Includes 4 reader comments as of 17 February 2024.

[2024-004] Klyn, Oliver, Gladstone Meet & Greet TODAY!, by Oakmont Grassroots Organization, 5 February 2024,
Includes 3 reader comments as of 17 February 2024.

[2024-005] Klyn, Oliver, Gladstone Meet & Greet Report, by Oakmont Grassroots Organization, 6 February 2024,

[2024-006] Dues Inflation in Oakmont, by Bruce Bon, 8 February 2024,
Includes 8 reader comments as of 17 February 2024.

[2024-007] Oakmont Village: Our Community at a Crossroads, by Deborah Quam, 9 February 2024,
Includes 17 reader comments as of 17 February 2024.

[2024-008] Why OVA ByLaws Have Not Been Updated, by Hugh Helm, 10 February 2024,
Includes 4 reader comments as of 17 February 2024.

[2024-009]  Meet the Candidates – Feb 15, 6 PM, by Oakmont Grassroots Organization, 12 February 2024,
Includes 4 reader comments as of 17 February 2024.

[2024-010] Dance Your Worries Away, by Peggy Dombeck, 14 February 2024,

[2024-011] Meet the Candidate – Josh Axelrod – Feb 22, 4 PM, by Joshua Axelrod, 15 February 2024,


[2018-001] Grandchildren Celebrate Easter at The Berger, by Oakmont Observer, 3 April 2018,

[2018-002] OVA Election Results: Clean Sweep for Non-Incumbents, by Michael Connolly, 4 April 2018,

[2018-003] New Board’s First Actions Reverse Prior Board Actions, by Michael Connolly, 4 April 2018,

[2018-004] April 3 – OVA Board Votes, by Donna Hopley, 4 April 2018,

[2018-005] Dog Park Committee Seeks Community Input, by Jim Golway, 8 April 2018,

[2018-006] Should the OVA Turn Its Back on Social Media?, by Michael Connolly, 10 April 2018,

[2018-007] Volunteer of the Year award goes to technical adviser of Sound Study, by Jim Golway, 13 April 2018,

[2018-008] Lack of Courtesy in Dissolving Central Park Committee, by Michael Connolly, 14 April 2018,

[2018-009] Planning Dept. Schedules Pickleball Hearing, by Jim Golway, 16 April 2018,

[2018-010] New Board’s First Business Meeting, by Michael Connolly, 18 April 2018,

[2018-011] Press Freedom vs. Corporate Requirements, by Yvonne Frauenfelder, 18 April 2018,
Report of the upheaval, including the transient resignation of the entire Oakmont News reporting staff, triggered when the new OVA Board voted to have the OVA general manager oversee and approve all articles to be published in the Oakmont News.

[2018-012] New Board’s First Business Meeting, by Michael Connolly, 18 April 2018,

[2018-013] Possible Dog Park Locations Down to One, by Jim Golway, 20 April 2018,

[2018-014] The OVA BOD Reflects Years-long Narratives, Now it is Time for Action, by James Foreman, 24 April 2018,
An opinion article related to the Communications Committee/Oakmont News upheaval described in article [2018-0

[2018-015] Upwards of $60,000 in Damages to OVA for Not Waiting a Single Day, by OO Editorial Team, 27 April 2018,

[2018-016] Oakmont Communications: Risk Management or Institutionalized Amnesia?, by Michael Connolly, 29 April 2018,

[2018-017] Last day for opponents to challenge the City’s pickleball permit decision, by Herb Bieser, 30 April 2018,

[2018-018] Oakmont Wildlife: An all-star cast, by Jim Golway, 1 May 2018,

[2018-019] May 1 – OVA Board Votes, by Donna Hopley, 1 May 2018,

[2018-020] May 1 OVA Board Meeting Summary, by Michael Connolly, 2 May 2018,

[2018-021] Recognition and Thanks, by Karen Oswald, 3 May 2018,
A thank you to those responsible for a successful resolution to the pickleball controversy, along with a little history of that controversy.

[2018-022] Oakmont’s half-century of prosperity tied to Santa Rosa annexation, by Oakmont Observer, 5 May 2018,

[2018-023] Moving Past Outrage in Oakmont, by Bruce Bon, 4 May 2018,
A plea for calm and for constructive suggestions to resolve the OGC issue. A shorter version of this editorial was also published in the Kenwood Press.

[2018-024] The Oakmont Golf Course is in Trouble, by Julie Cade, 6 May 2018,

[2018-025] OVA & Golf Club Informational Meeting – My Inputs to the Process, by Bruce Bon, 7 May 2018,

[2018-026] Suggested Alternative for Drainage Cost Sharing, by Bruce Bon, 13 May 2018,

[2018-027] Panel of OGC Representatives to Answer Community Questions, by Oakmont Observer, 14 May 2018,
Reprint of a letter from the OVA Board announcing a June 5 meeting to answer questions about the Oakmont Golf Club (OGC).

[2018-028] Trail in East Annadel Park Now Open, by Michael Connolly, 22 May 2018,

[2018-029] A Former Teacher’s View on the Challenges in Education, by Jeannette Luini, 27 May 2018,

030] Can Oakmont Afford Another Contentious Issue?, by Oakmont Observer, 4 June 2018,

[2018-031] Promise & Commitment, by Kerry Oswald, 4 June 2018,
Calculation of costs of aborted pickleball court construction start, and challenge to Pickleball Club to meet a promise to pay a portion of those costs.

[2018-032 An Open Letter to Steve Spanier – You Are Failing on the OGC Issue, by Bruce Bon, 5 June 2018,

[2018-033] Little New Information Presented at OGC Town Hall, by Michael Connolly, 6 June 2018,

[2018-034] Here we go again…Oakmont’s Discord Publicized in the Press Democrat, by Lynda Oneto, 11 June 2018,

[2018-035] “The Directors make most decisions…The big ones are made by members.”, by Greg Gewalt, 23 June 2018,

[2018-036] Reserve Study Deficit Revealed, Loan Options Considered, by Lynda Oneto, 25 June 2018,

[2018-037] OGC Water Drainage Argument Explored, by Michael Connolly, 28 June 2018,
Investigative article into one of OGC’s most difficult issues and its impact on Oakmont.

[2018-038] Conflict of Interest and the OVA-OGC Question, by Bruce Bon, 5 July 2018,
Exploration of the definition of “conflict of interest” and its relevance to OGC’s negotiations with the OVA Board, some of whom were OGC members or spouses of members.

[2018-039] OVA-OGC: What’s Wrong with the Process & How To Make It Right – Part 1 What’s wrong with OGC’s campaign for OVA funding?, by Bruce Bon, 8 July 2018,

[2018-040] OVA-OGC: What’s Wrong with the Process & How To Make It Right – Part 2 What’s wrong with the OVA Board’s response to the OGC appeal?, by Bruce Bon, 8 July 2018,

[2018-041] OVA-OGC: What’s Wrong with the Process & How To Make It Right – Part 3 What’s wrong with Oakmont News coverage of the OGC question?, by Bruce Bon, 8 July 2018,

[2018-042] OGC Town Hall, My Impressions, by Lynda Oneto, 12 July 2018,
Reporting of a one-sided pro-OGC held by OVA.

[2018-043 July 17 – OVA Board of Directors Votes [VIDEO], by Donna Hopley, 20 July 2018,
Report of Board votes, including one to forgive the promise by the Pickleball Club to repay certain expenses (see reference 28, above).

[2018-044] A Response to Steve Spanier, by Yvonne Frauenfelder, 24 July 2018,

[2018-045] Goodwin Talks with Residents About Future of OGC, by Lynda Oneto, 24 July 2018,
Greg Goodwin was one of the OVA Directors, and this is a report of a “fireside chat” for him to listen to residents on the issue.

[2018-046] A ‘Vital Threat to Oakmont,’ a Decade in the Making, by Yvonne Frauenfelder, 29 July 2018,
Reprint of a 2005 Kenwood Press article by Yvonne, warning of the declining popularity of golf and the likelihood of economic problems for OGC. Includes some OGC history.

[2018-047] Is Oakmont a Golf Course Community?, by Bruce Bon, 31 July 2018,

[2018-048] Conflict of Interest, by Kevin D. Hubred, 1 August 2018, p. 1,

Article summarizing a legal opinion provided to the OVA Board by attorney Brad Epstein, asserting a narrow interpretation of HOA law such that only Steve Spanier, among OVA directors, had such a conflict. In early 2019, Steve resigned from the Oakmont Golf Club, to remove the conflict of interest (as defined in the opinion reported by Hubred) and thus to allow him to take over the effort to purchase OGC. NOTE: This reference, which is NOT an Oakmont Observer article; it is included here because it is a more or less direct rebuttal of Bruce Bon’s 5 July 2018 article (reference 35).

[2018-049] OGC Drainage Issue: Drilling Deeper, by Michael Connolly, 5 August 2018,
More investigative results – see also reference 34, above.

[2018-050] A Home Is Not A House, by Robert Starkey, 5 August 2018,

[2018-051] OVA Committee Notes: Long Range Planning Committee – 2018-08-06, by Bruce Bon, 9 August 2018,

[2018-052] OVA Safety Issues – Berger Seismic Retrofit Set to Begin, by Michael Connolly, 13 August 2018,

[2018-053] OVA to Become a Partner of OGC?, by Yvonne Frauenfelder, 14 August 2018,

[2018-054] OVA Membership Launches GoFundMe Campaign, by Oakmont Observer, 14 August 2018,
Announcement of Oakmont Alliance fundraising GoFundMe, for the purpose of hiring independent legal counsel to represent Oakmont residents.

[2018-055] Should We Pay To Support Privately Owned Golf Courses?, by Oakmont Observer, 15 August 2018,

[2018-056] $1.6 Million Loan Approved for ERC Remodel, by Michael Connolly, 22 August 2018,

[2018-057] Oakmont’s March Toward Exclusivity, by Yvonne Frauenfelder, 24 August 2018,
As relevant today as it was in 2018, this article explored the evolution of Oakmont from the affordable community that Berger envisioned toward the “premier” community of tomorrow.

[2018-058] A Novel Approach to Newspaper Publishing in an Era of “Free” Information, by Oakmont Observer, 27 August 2018,



[2018-0] Visions of Oakmont, by Bruce Bon, 10 September 2018,

[2018-0] A Retirement Wealth Gap Adds a New Indignity to Old Age, by Jennifer Levitz, Wall Street Journal, 4 October 2018, republished as

[2018-0] Greg Goodwin Resigns over Board’s Direction for Oakmont’s Future, by Oakmont Observer, 17 October 2018,

[2018-0] What Should Oakmont’s Future Look Like, and Who Should Decide?, by Bruce Bon, 29 October 2018,




[2020-0] Over Ten Years at Oakmont, by Yvonne Frauenfelder, 19 May 2020,
Reprint of a 2010 article about the life and OVA tenure of Ted Throndson, a well-loved OVA Manager who was retiring at that time.


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