Friday, September 20, 2019

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The YES Advocates Have Spoken

YES votes 1,973 to 707 NO votes. The culmination of the August 8th election shows that almost two-thirds of Oakmont’s residents wish to retain golf as an amenity in their village.  The monthlong battle for and against the dues increase was fought on both sides vigorously and at times acrimoniously.  The YES vote warning against…

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Website Redesign: ‘The Oakmont Observer’

Dear reader and contributor to The Oakmont Observer: For almost a year and a half, our Online newspaper has provided the community with a vehicle in which to air and to share opinions, praise and grievances as they relate to Oakmont news, happenings and events in our community.  Unlike OVA sponsored mediums, the Observer is…

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OVA Town Hall on the OGC Purchase

Fuzzy numbers create confusion – OVA’s broker attempts to clarify OVA members expecting to find clarity for what they are being asked to vote on starting next week were likely further confused after the presentation made at the Town Hall on Tuesday. One undecided member commented that “the information provided was often incomplete, vague and…

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Adobe Creek: An HOA working with its membership

An example of how OVA could be informing the Oakmont community. The Oakmont Observer has obtained a copy of a document presented to the membership of the Adobe Creek Homeowners Association that described various scenarios as to the future of their adjacent golf course. According to Adobe Creek residents interviewed by the Observer, their Association…

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Attorney for Oakmont Alliance Sends Letter to OVA Board

Within the past month, representatives of the Oakmont Alliance (OA), concerned that the prospective purchase of OGC by OVA could be a serious financial misstep for the future of Oakmont, have published a flier in the Kenwood Press attempting to correct the claims of supporters of such a purchase, and solicited signatures on a petition…

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What Can Be Shared?

In an effort to gauge the amount of information that might be shared with OVA members I attended some recent committee meetings with agenda items involving the golf course sale. At the Oakmont Community Development Committee (OCDC) meeting on April 11 there was to be a report on the status of discussions on the golf…

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