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Fuzzy numbers create confusion – OVA’s broker attempts to clarify

OVA members expecting to find clarity for what they are being asked to vote on starting next week were likely further confused after the presentation made at the Town Hall on Tuesday. One undecided member commented that “the information provided was often incomplete, vague and indeterminate.” Director Tom Kendrick continually reminded the audience that the Board was using “rough numbers” and “needed to sharpen their pencils” at some later time to get more accurate funding and cost numbers.

Kendrick started his presentation by saying: “The most obvious option is to sit on our hands, do nothing. The other option that is available to us is that we would submit a Letter of Intent with contingencies and let that go forward.” 

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An example of how OVA could be informing the Oakmont community.

The Oakmont Observer has obtained a copy of a document presented to the membership of the Adobe Creek Homeowners Association that described various scenarios as to the future of their adjacent golf course. According to Adobe Creek residents interviewed by the Observer, their Association has actively included the membership in every phase of the decision-making process and before placing the financial matter to a vote of the residents.

OVA members, on the other hand, have been clamoring for basic facts and information since November 2017 and when the Oakmont Golf Club first announced they were in financial trouble. Over the course of the past year and a half, the OVA board has been operating under a screen of secrecy creating discord that is dividing the community.

Following are a few pages of this document demonstrating the clear and detailed format of the information presented for two of the six scenarios. You can view the entire document here: Adobe Creek scenarios

Within the past month, representatives of the Oakmont Alliance (OA), concerned that the prospective purchase of OGC by OVA could be a serious financial misstep for the future of Oakmont, have published a flier in the Kenwood Press attempting to correct the claims of supporters of such a purchase, and solicited signatures on a petition demanding from the board a special meeting to conduct a membership vote.  After Board president Steve Spanier refused to consider allowing the membership to vote on the issue, the OA engaged an attorney to create the letter described in this article.

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In an effort to gauge the amount of information that might be shared with OVA members I attended some recent committee meetings with agenda items involving the golf course sale.

At the Oakmont Community Development Committee (OCDC) meeting on April 11 there was to be a report on the status of discussions on the golf course sale and a discussion of legal limits of OVA involvement.

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On March 22, 2019, a 118 page First Amended Complaint was filed with the Sonoma County Superior Court adding further allegations to the original complaint filed November 30, 2018.  See Oakmont Observer story on original complaint here:

The First Amended Complaint includes direct quotes from emails, and identifies several Agents of the Oakmont Village Association (OVA.) The remaining 25 unnamed Defendants (“Does”) were not identified.

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The Oakmont Golf Club announced on March 12 that the Proposal for Assessment received a 73% favorable vote. It appears from these numbers that 234 of the 260 members cast ballots.

The announcement read:

“In these times, achieving voter turnout of over 90% is almost unheard of; 81% of those voted YES!! This speaks so highly of the value the membership places on the Club.  We are gratified with their support and consideration of the imperative for the Oakmont Golf Club to meet and honor its financial commitments.  The decision will permit OGC to move through the sale process in a much stronger position.  A position that will ultimately result in a better and more enjoyable club for everyone.  

“The assessment will be billed separately and quickly.  There will be an option to pay in two installments.  We realize that this is still a difficult decision for some members and may result in their considering resignation.  This is actually a great time to remain or become a member at OGC.  A new and better facility is on the way, dues are likely to remain low and initiation fees for new members are almost nonexistent.  We want all members to stay invested in their Club.”

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