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The Oakmont Golf Club announced on March 12 that the Proposal for Assessment received a 73% favorable vote. It appears from these numbers that 234 of the 260 members cast ballots.

The announcement read:

“In these times, achieving voter turnout of over 90% is almost unheard of; 81% of those voted YES!! This speaks so highly of the value the membership places on the Club.  We are gratified with their support and consideration of the imperative for the Oakmont Golf Club to meet and honor its financial commitments.  The decision will permit OGC to move through the sale process in a much stronger position.  A position that will ultimately result in a better and more enjoyable club for everyone.  

“The assessment will be billed separately and quickly.  There will be an option to pay in two installments.  We realize that this is still a difficult decision for some members and may result in their considering resignation.  This is actually a great time to remain or become a member at OGC.  A new and better facility is on the way, dues are likely to remain low and initiation fees for new members are almost nonexistent.  We want all members to stay invested in their Club.”

The following is an OVA news release posted today from board president, Steve Spanier.

“The recently announced news that the Oakmont Golf Club (OGC) is to be sold forces the Oakmont Village Association (OVA) to immediately address the importance of the golf club to our community. I can’t continue to sit on the sidelines; this issue is now urgent.

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During Open Forum at the February 19 OVA Board meeting a request was made by Phillip Herzog to initiate the Internal Dispute Resolution process.

“I believe the Board’s action in Executive Session to pay up to $20,000 to clean some drainage areas on the golf course to the benefit of the golf club and to the benefit of a small number of Association members is a violation of law so significant that it could result in expensive litigation or, in the worst case, cause OVA to lose its non-profit status,” said Herzog. 

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The Oakmont Golf Courses will be put on the market for sale, as revealed at today’s OVA Finance Committee meeting. Oakmont Golf Club (OGC) member Alan McLintock informed the Finance Committee that the issue had been discussed at last night’s OGC Annual Meeting.

The OGC will engage real estate broker Marcus & Millichap, a firm specializing in the sale of golf courses, to conduct the sale.

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The Complaint for Damages filed with the Sonoma County Superior Court in this matter is a public document that was obtained from the Court.

The Complaint names former OVA Manager Cassie Turner, former Board Director and President Andie Altman and 25 unnamed individuals as Defendants.  (“Plaintiff will amend this complaint to add their true names and capacities when the same are ascertained.”)

“Plaintiff is informed and believes and thereon alleges that Turner, Altman, and certain members of the Association and its Board of Directors (the “Board”) fraudulently concealed the basis of Plaintiff’s causes of action and that Heyman, starting in December 2017, discovered as part of his tasked review of Turner’s OVA emails in defending OVA against Turner’s employment claim and settlement demand.”

The Complaint also states that “the Association has ignored Plaintiff’s diligent attempts to mediate this dispute prior to filing this Complaint.”

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With OVA member dues rising to $75 starting this month, now may be as good a time as any to explore where this money goes.

The 2019 budget was mailed to OVA members in late November.  Total budgeted operating expenses have risen by just under 10% with the largest increases being for payroll expenses (more than 13%) and grounds maintenance and repair (more than 21%).  Another notable increase is adding 150% to the contingency fund, which, according to Treasurer Elke Strunka at the 10/9/18 Board budget presentation “has to do with setting some money aside possibly for the golf club.

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