Wednesday, April 1, 2020

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Rewarding Incompetency

If anyone of you have had the opportunity to pass by the CAC area recently you will be confronted with the removal of a number of the trees that have shaded and decorated this common area for decades. Why is this happening? First let me provide a little background. The Landscape Improvement Committee was a…

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Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

In Steve Spanier’s Candidacy Statement in the February 15 edition of the Oakmont News in reference to  “Administration Accomplishments” since April 2018, he appears to be taking personal credit for these supposed accomplishments. Other Community members to whom I have spoken definitely had this perception, assuming his claims to be true. I have verified certain…

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Vote NO on Measure I

A NO vote on Measure I won’t kill SMART because they have money to keep operating another 10 years.  But a NO vote will give voters time to see if SMART can perform better than it has so far.  A YES vote would give them a blank check for $2.4 billion, and make them untouchable…

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SMART Train Measure I

Voters are being asked whether or not to extend taxpayer funding, to provide around $2.4 billion over 30 years for the Sonoma–Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) system. The problem is that one can’t really make a good decision without quantitative projections of future costs and benefits that are essentially impossible to obtain, although the official…

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The OVA Election Process

It is quite probable that there are many Oakmont property owners who would be interested in being a candidate for the OVA Board of Directors (BOD).  The reluctance to enter a race is based on the negative type of responses by others (groups or individuals) that begin and grow during the election process itself.  It…

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A Fair and Democratic Election?

It has now been over a week since the vote count in one of the most contentious elections in Oakmont history. The result was an overwhelming victory for the OVA Board and for the YES campaign, both of whom campaigned effectively and relentlessly for the 31% dues increase. It was also a shocking disappointment to…

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