If the Board of Directors really wants to promote full, open and civil discourse about the potential of OVA purchasing OGC with attendant significant dues and/or assessment increases, the current Directors and candidates for Director on the next Board should commit – now, in advance – to having an OVA member referendum if purchase is proposed.


First, in carrying out its fiduciary duty of representing the best interests of the entire community, it is the Board’s obligation to do everything possible to assure the acceptability of any such decision.

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I have largely stayed out of OGC discussions of late, having said what I wanted to say, and also having observed that the OVA Board was not taking any of the more severe and unwise actions that many of us feared last summer.  But Steve Spanier’s decision to jump into the fray, and his strongly misleading President’s Message, demands my reply.

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The “Sky is Falling” scenario which projects huge losses in property value when a golf course goes into bankruptcy may be true in some areas of the country where golf is the primary focus of most community social and athletic activity, but clearly, that is not the case in Oakmont.

I’m sorry to see that our BOD president, Steve Spanier, seems to have succumbed to this scare tactic. We have already seen the loss of two Sonoma County golf courses, Wikiup and Adobe Creek. There is no evidence that the property values fell precipitously in the nearby neighborhoods as a result.

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Yesterday OVA President Steve Spanier made the announcement that he had resigned his Golf membership in order to be able to help guide the association through this 11th hour and most critical phase in its relationship with the Oakmont Golf Club. 

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Who has been robbed?
OVA membership
What have we been robbed of?
The choice of choosing directors who might offer a different direction from those currently serving on the OVA Board of directors.
Who has done the robbing?
The OVA Board of Directors, by not appointing the 2019 Nominating Committee until 17 days after the December 1 deadline specified in our Bylaws, paragraph 5.4, thus reducing the time for the Nominating Committee to do their job by 30%.
The Nominating Committee, by not fulfilling their duty under the Bylaws, paragraph 5.41, to nominate “a slate of not less than two (2) more nominees than the number of directors to be elected”.
Why is this important?
Regardless of whether you approve of the direction taken by the current Board or you disapprove of their direction, you deserve to have a meaningful choice in the election. This means that you should be able to vote for candidates who are not already serving on the Board. With only a single non-incumbent running for the Board, three out of four of the incumbents running are guaranteed to win, thus maintaining the current Board majority for at least another year. So the Board, and the Nominating Committee which was appointed by the Board, have denied you a meaningful choice in this election and have guaranteed for themselves that they will remain in charge of OVA and our future in Oakmont for at least another year.

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Although the OVA Board has expressed an interest for several months in allocating OVA funds to the OGC for unspecified drainage and flooding concerns, the first sign of concrete action on this issue was displayed in the Board’s Executive Meeting Minutes from 12/18/18:  The Board approved the offer to reimburse OGC $20,000 to drain three occluded main surface drainage ditches.”

The Board had stated that it will keep the community apprised of its decision-making process.  Yet there was no discussion or vote during the Board’s December open meeting and members only became aware of this approval a month after it had taken place.

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