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A popular comedian, Ted talk presenter and award winning storyteller, the famous Mary Caroubauses her life story to entertain audiences while raising a few eyebrows. Stories of her Arab/Irish household, her work behind prison walls, surviving  a liver transplant and the loss of her home in the 2017 local fires are all part of hope and humor.

Buy a ticket soon to insure you get to laugh before the music starts, and then hear the 4 great musicians who make up Foxes in the Henhouse.

Ticket info and purchase can be made through for this exciting Rainbow Productions August 3rd  event at the Berger Auditorium.

Exciting, exhilarating, and exhausting!” best describes the jazz duo of Holland & Coots. With a delightful mix of jazz, blues, stride, boogie, pop, and ragtime, Holland on the piano and Coots on drums have created something for every taste. Come listen and enjoy these internationally renowned artists’ on their first visit to Oakmont! To REGISTER

An example of how OVA could be informing the Oakmont community.

The Oakmont Observer has obtained a copy of a document presented to the membership of the Adobe Creek Homeowners Association that described various scenarios as to the future of their adjacent golf course. According to Adobe Creek residents interviewed by the Observer, their Association has actively included the membership in every phase of the decision-making process and before placing the financial matter to a vote of the residents.

OVA members, on the other hand, have been clamoring for basic facts and information since November 2017 and when the Oakmont Golf Club first announced they were in financial trouble. Over the course of the past year and a half, the OVA board has been operating under a screen of secrecy creating discord that is dividing the community.

Following are a few pages of this document demonstrating the clear and detailed format of the information presented for two of the six scenarios. You can view the entire document here: Adobe Creek scenarios

The Oakmont Alliance has increased its fundraising goal to $50,000. According to the recent announcement, the group of OVA members has exceeded its original $10,000 goal having received cash and check contributions made directly to Umpqua bank as well as credit card donations on their GoFundMe page.

With the approaching board decision on an OGC purchase, the Alliance is raising the funds to support legal action in the event it is necessary to prevent the OVA Board from committing OVA funds to purchase OGC without first getting the approval of the OVA community through a fully-informed vote of the membership.

According to the letter from the Oakmont Alliance attorney, “Updating of OVA’s governing documents to require full disclosure to the OVA membership of any and all fiscal impacts of any prospective acquisition of properties or facilities … [including OGC] … Among other concerns, the Alliance believes that the inevitable increase in dues will be particularly damaging to the less fortunate residents of Oakmont Village, and especially the population of shut-ins and others on smaller fixed incomes.” He further emphasizes that, “It could be argued that an indiscriminate increase in their assessments could amount to a form of elder abuse.”

The Oakmont Alliance is a group of members who share the belief that the current Board of Directors is demonstrating a strong agenda to significantly expand OVA facilities requiring major increases in OVA dues, with the most immediate objective being to acquire the Oakmont Golf Club no matter what the costs. 

Oakmont Alliance has no support from realtors or any other outside interests with funding coming from donations to the Umpqua Bank in Oakmont (6641 Oakmont Dr., account #4870898881). A GoFundMe page is also available for contributions made by credit card. For further information, Oakmont Alliance can be reached through their FAQ page: Oakmont Alliance Frequently Asked Questions.

With a vocal range called staggering, David sings from the deepest bass to the highest falsetto and plays a rhythm guitar. He is joined by the hard driving 5-string banjo of Andy Shaw, the tone of Brian Judd’s mandolin, the aged and knowing fiddle of Paul Shelasky and the rock solid foundation of Jeff King’s bass round out the band.…Reserve A Seat

Friday, June 14 from 9 AM to 12 PM, Berger Parking Lot
Sponsored by Oakmont Kiwanis and OVA

It’s time to shred again. Oakmont residents and businesses are invited to bring their documents and other shreddables to the truck that morning. Please limit your documents to the equivalent of 5 banker’s boxes.

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