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At today’s OVA Board meeting the Aid for Sub-Associations Committee (ASAC) delivered a major report to the Board and the community. The committee is comprised of four representatives of different sub-associations plus OVA Board liaison Steve Spanier and OVA Management liaison Kevin Hubred, and is chaired by Jeff Young.

The ASAC was tasked by the OVA Board with researching the needs and concerns of Oakmont’s sub-associations, determining how best to address their needs and concerns, and reporting back to the Board with recommendations. Today’s report represents a tremendous amount of work performed by the committee since its formation in February. You may find the full 34-page report here.

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This is for those of you who may not have decided how to vote yet, and who ask the very good question, “What is going to happen if we say NO to the large dues increase? Aren’t we giving up control of the property forever?”

Background: The Oakmont Village Association (OVA) Board of Directors wants to increase our dues starting in 2020 from $150/couple/month to $196/couple/month, in order both to acquire the OGC property and to enable execution of their planned contract with Advance Golf Partners (AGP). The vote is required because the proposed 31% increase in dues exceeds the 20% legal threshold for dues increases without a membership vote.

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From the outset, let me be crystal clear. I believe that OVA purchase of OGC would be a serious mistake that would ignore the welfare of those who might eventually lose their homes as a result. For this and other reasons elaborated below

I urge you to vote NO on the proposed 31% dues increase.

Whether or not OVA should buy OGC is the hottest topic in Oakmont since pickleball, as well it should be since at least ten times as much money is at stake, as well as the future identity of Oakmont. Will we continue to be a middle-class retirement community with middle-class amenities and dues, which surrounds a golf course, or will we become an upper-middle-class retirement community with better amenities and high dues to support them, including an embedded golf course subsidized by all?

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An Oakmont Forum Report

On Wednesday, June 12, a President’s Message entitled Social Media Survey was posted on the Oakmont Village website, and an on-line Nextdoor OVA/BOD Discussion Group Survey went live. In order to bring some reality to the discussion of this Nextdoor group, statistics were compiled on all topics originated in that group for a period from May 15 – 31, with replies through June 9. This period was chosen to be recent, with active discussions on-going, but not contaminated by the latest discussions, which are largely focused on the OVA “Nextdoor OVA/BOD Discussion Group Survey”.

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On Wednesday, June 12, a President’s Message entitled Social Media Survey was posted on the Oakmont Village website, and an on-line Nextdoor OVA/BOD Discussion Group Survey went live.

To be blunt, this survey, combined with devoting an entire OVA workshop to the topic (scheduled for July 2), is the most embarrassing, amateurish and petty project that I have seen come out of any Board since moving to Oakmont. I can only guess that our Board president came up with this, driven by his insecurities about receiving criticism, and ordered the OVA staff to implement the survey without approval from the rest of the Board. Below are the reasons for my low opinion of this effort.

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Key proposed amendments described herein include provisions which would:

  • Change Membership Voting Rights: Alternative amendments are included to provide either one vote per household, or up to two votes for household with two OVA members, leaving the Board to decide which to present on the Bylaws election ballotArticle IV

  • Require Membership Votes for Large Capital Improvements: Article XII

  • Strengthen Special Meetings: Extending provisions to allow members to petition for elections to make OVA decisions, including ones that might override decisions of the Board – Sections 3.3 and 3.5

  • Increase Board Size to Nine and Term of Office to Three Years: Sections 5.2 and 5.3

  • Make It Easier to Amend the Bylaws: reduce the number of member votes required to enact amendments from over 1,600 to as low as 405 – Article XII

  • Make the Bylaws Conform to State Law: numerous changes scattered throughout the Bylaws correct provisions that are incompatible with state law, clarify the language of the Bylaws, or make small improvements to the existing Bylaws.

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