Thursday, November 21, 2019

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Preview: November 19 OVA Board of Directors Meeting

The intent of this article is to give a short preview of Tuesday’s Board meeting, highlighting a few agenda items that may be of particular interest to OVA members.  Information is taken from the Board Meeting Packet, and page numbers are those listed at the bottom of each page in that document. Agenda item 4.…

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Report: Oct 15 OVA Board of Directors Meeting

October 15:  Update from the preview article published yesterday.  Board discussion and actions are shown in italics. OGC update:  In response to an Open Forum question, the Board stated that negotiations on the details of the OVA-OGC purchase are continuing, and that only after negotiations are complete and the purchase contract signed will the 90-day…

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A Fair and Democratic Election?

It has now been over a week since the vote count in one of the most contentious elections in Oakmont history. The result was an overwhelming victory for the OVA Board and for the YES campaign, both of whom campaigned effectively and relentlessly for the 31% dues increase. It was also a shocking disappointment to…

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Sub-Association Needs and Recommendations Report

At today’s OVA Board meeting the Aid for Sub-Associations Committee (ASAC) delivered a major report to the Board and the community. The committee is comprised of four representatives of different sub-associations plus OVA Board liaison Steve Spanier and OVA Management liaison Kevin Hubred, and is chaired by Jeff Young. The ASAC was tasked by the…

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Does a NO Vote Mean No OGC Purchase? NO!!

This is for those of you who may not have decided how to vote yet, and who ask the very good question, “What is going to happen if we say NO to the large dues increase? Aren’t we giving up control of the property forever?” Background: The Oakmont Village Association (OVA) Board of Directors wants…

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The OGC Purchase: Oakmont at a Crossroads

From the outset, let me be crystal clear. I believe that OVA purchase of OGC would be a serious mistake that would ignore the welfare of those who might eventually lose their homes as a result. For this and other reasons elaborated below I urge you to vote NO on the proposed 31% dues increase. Whether or not OVA should buy OGC is the hottest topic…

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