OVA Board candidates Heidi Klyn, Matt Oliver and Jerry Gladstone will be available to discuss their platforms and meet with OVA members this afternoon, Monday February 5, at 2 pm, in the East Recreational Center.

This event is sponsored by the Oakmont Grassroots Organization, which has goals of keeping Oakmont affordable and empowering the OVA membership. For more information, check out Oakmont Grassroots Organization: Championing Inclusivity, Affordability and Sustainability or contact OGO at OakmontVoices2023@yahoo.com.

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  1. Lyn Cramer on February 5, 2024 at 10:23 am

    I’m becoming a broken record on one subject. Sorry. I can think of no better way to close the gap many members feel between the board and members than for each candidate to endorse an advisory vote by members on projects above a certain amount. I like $300k, but that’s an armchair opinion only.

    Thanks to all candidates. This our first election with real consequences in many years. About time.

  2. John Kulinski on February 5, 2024 at 11:30 am

    Even $300,000 is a lot for the type of Boards we have had this and other years but $300K is a good start! I just do not trust our current Board and a few previous ones because they have shown they are A) irresponsible with our money B) they do what they want to do with our money because of the fact, plain and simple, it is OPM, C) they will not allow for a bona-fide Survey of Oakmonters and instead insist an event like 2030 is what they have decided is what Oakmont really wants D) the whole thing reminds me of King George 3 policy toward the colonies:: taxation without representation, E) or, the current policies like: we will tax you with higher monthly Fees because we can and spend it the way the OVA Board sees fit, not Oakmonters! F) several individuals on our elected Board(s) have turned into wanna-be fascits/dictators who love that top=down approach to leadership because, it seems, they think they know what to do better than the rest of us G) they will not allow for any changes in our ByLaws and CCR’s despite the fact these are way out-of-date, ancient and even no longer adhere to possible laws, rules, advisories, etc. as established under the Davis -Stirling Act, possibly even California Law and Federal Law. No doubt I am missing some things, so please feel free to comment!

    • Bruce Bon on February 5, 2024 at 5:50 pm

      Technically it is not “taxation without representation” because the directors are exactly our elected representatives. But such representation is not very democratic unless, at election time, there is a field of candidates that includes ones representing a variety of visions of the future. This has not been the case in recent years (almost all winning candidates have advocated or supported expensive building projects and rejected calls for more democratic decision making), but this year we have 8 candidates with differing visions running for 3 seats. As a result, as Lyn says, this is “our first election with real consequences in many years”!

      VOTE Klyn, Oliver and Gladstone, for Oakmont affordability and responsibility to all OVA members, not just the richer, more active ones!!

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