Friday, September 20, 2019

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Visions of Oakmont

Thanks to Rick Feibusch for this vision of a Taj Mahal Berger All of us have a vision of what we expect and want Oakmont to be. For many of us, our vision of our community is similar to what Oakmont currently is, perhaps with a fresh coat of paint here, new carpet there, and…

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Is This the Way to Get Community Input?

Last week we were informed via an OVA email that “in July, a subcommittee conducted 26 interviews with people considered to be community leaders and compared that with 93 new residents who filled out a questionnaire for the OVA.”  This “survey” was performed by the newly-formed Long Range Planning Committee at the request of the…

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Oakmont’s March Toward Exclusivity

In 1963 H.N. Berger bought 1,527 acres of land near Annadel from rancher Joe Coney. What had been a hop yard was to become a retirement village, a concept that had caught on across America. Berger, a developer from Sacramento, knew what he wanted to offer the public. There were single family homes, duplexes, triplexes…

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OVA Should be the Driver in OGC Negotiations

Greg Gewalt listed three actions (Click HERE) the OVA Board should have taken “in the Interest of due diligence” to avoid divisiveness in the community in its response to the OGC’s request for funds, among them: “3 … The request for non-disclosure of all pertinent information by the OGC would have been rejected to advance…

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In the Interest of Due Diligence

Had the OGC matter been handled differently and more professionally, the following actions would have taken place: … Upon election to the OVA Board, directors would have moved expeditiously to form a committee charged with the responsibility of dealing with the all-important OGC request for financial assistance from the OVA. … All BOD members registering…

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In a Nutshell

From the very beginning the Oakmont Golf Club has insisted that two 18 hole golf courses were non-negotiable. This assertion is being made against the backdrop of national consolidation of golf operations, diminishing rounds played by boomers and a future dependent on millennials whose inclinations are not generally pro golf. We understand that negotiations are…

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