Wednesday, April 1, 2020

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New OGC Committee: An Opportunity for a Balanced Approach

According to “A Resolution to Establish an Ad-Hoc Oakmont Golf Club Committee” to be taken up by the Board of Directors tomorrow, December 18: “Whereas individuals from the BOD and the committees have expressed interest in working together as a chartered Ad-Hoc committee (initially including, but not limited to: Tom Kendrick (BOD), Carolyn Bettencourt (BOD),…

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OVA Should be the Driver in OGC Negotiations

Greg Gewalt listed three actions (Click HERE) the OVA Board should have taken “in the Interest of due diligence” to avoid divisiveness in the community in its response to the OGC’s request for funds, among them: “3 … The request for non-disclosure of all pertinent information by the OGC would have been rejected to advance…

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The July 10 Town Hall on the Golf Courses and OGC

What Should Residents Reasonably Expect of the OVA Board of Directors?   The matter of OVA financial support for the Oakmont Golf Club has been brewing for months and has been the subject of OGC-sponsored meetings as well as OGC perspectives presented in its regular column in the Oakmont News.  But the July 10 meeting…

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