Wednesday, April 1, 2020

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Posts by Yvonne Frauenfelder

Changes And Challenges

A raft of problems facing Oakmont’s 37 sub-associations could threaten the long-term well-being of the community as a whole, according to a report delivered at the July 16 Oakmont Village Association board meeting. (Oakmont News) Lack of funds and manpower imperil Oakmont’s neighborhood associations, the so called sub-HOAs, and could, therefore, endanger the good fortune…

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The Healing Of Oakmont

“This is seen in all the issues that have arisen over the past 5 years, and can be unpacked by looking directly at the fears people in Oakmont are driven by; home values, conflict with neighbors, losing a recreational activity, fire etc.” The above comments from a former Oakmont resident, give pause and lead to…

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The YES Advocates Have Spoken

YES votes 1,973 to 707 NO votes. The culmination of the August 8th election shows that almost two-thirds of Oakmont’s residents wish to retain golf as an amenity in their village.  The monthlong battle for and against the dues increase was fought on both sides vigorously and at times acrimoniously.  The YES vote warning against…

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Oakmont At A Crossroads

The Summer of Discontent and the Troubles at Oakmont articles all spoke to the times when residents were bitterly divided over projects that lay before the association board, a body of seven members, charged with making final decisions in our village of some 4800 people.  From surveillance cameras, to business center on the greensward, to…

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OVA to Bid for OGC?

Yesterday OVA President Steve Spanier made the announcement that he had resigned his Golf membership in order to be able to help guide the association through this 11th hour and most critical phase in its relationship with the Oakmont Golf Club. 

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Time is of the Essence

I was not in favor of new pickleball courts behind the Berger Center for the simple reason that our tennis courts were underutilized. I am not in favor a new Berger Center for the simple reason that the Central Project Committee (CPC), after lengthy research, determined that available meeting space in Oakmont was sufficient now…

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