Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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Overview of the OVA Budget and Dues

With OVA member dues rising to $75 starting this month, now may be as good a time as any to explore where this money goes. The 2019 budget was mailed to OVA members in late November.  Total budgeted operating expenses have risen by just under 10% with the largest increases being for payroll expenses (more…

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Oakmont – Transition 2019

More than half a century ago, H.N. “Nor” Berger, a developer from Sacramento, built 600 houses and an 18 hole golf course along Highway 12 – in a former hop yard. He fulfilled his dream to create a retirement village that followed a new trend sweeping the nation. The entrepreneur built out his Shangri-La with…

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OVA Struggles to Control Escalating ERC Costs

At the November 13 OVA board meeting the membership was given an update on the ERC construction project.  Two weeks prior to the meeting it had been announced that additional costs of $413,975 by a change order were being added to the budget.  Then at the board meeting this amount was supplemented by an additional…

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Guest Editorial: OVA Dues and Loans

Although the approval of the East Recreation Center (ERC) loan is old news, it’s been on my mind.  Taking loans for maintenance and improvement work on our facilities appears to be a new fiscal direction by our current OVA Board of Directors (BOD).  I recognize, as many others have, that our reserves are insufficient and…

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$1.6 Million Loan Approved for ERC Remodel

A loan in the amount of $1.6 million for the ERC remodel was approved unanimously by the Board of Directors at Tuesday’s business meeting.   Just two years ago the estimate for this remodel was in the range of $700,000 and was carried as such in the contemporaneous Reserve Study.  Now that costs have ballooned to…

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Zoning Administrator approves ERC court conversion

Today, April 19, the Zoning Administrator for the City of Santa Rosa approved the conversion of two East Rec. tennis courts to Multi-Use Sports Courts (6 Pickle Ball courts).   This means that the Planning Dept., Fire Dept., Building Dept. and Zoning have all approved the Conditional Use Permit.

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