The Oakmont Alliance has increased its fundraising goal to $50,000. According to the recent announcement, the group of OVA members has exceeded its original $10,000 goal having received cash and check contributions made directly to Umpqua bank as well as credit card donations on their GoFundMe page.

With the approaching board decision on an OGC purchase, the Alliance is raising the funds to support legal action in the event it is necessary to prevent the OVA Board from committing OVA funds to purchase OGC without first getting the approval of the OVA community through a fully-informed vote of the membership.

According to the letter from the Oakmont Alliance attorney, “Updating of OVA’s governing documents to require full disclosure to the OVA membership of any and all fiscal impacts of any prospective acquisition of properties or facilities … [including OGC] … Among other concerns, the Alliance believes that the inevitable increase in dues will be particularly damaging to the less fortunate residents of Oakmont Village, and especially the population of shut-ins and others on smaller fixed incomes.” He further emphasizes that, “It could be argued that an indiscriminate increase in their assessments could amount to a form of elder abuse.”

The Oakmont Alliance is a group of members who share the belief that the current Board of Directors is demonstrating a strong agenda to significantly expand OVA facilities requiring major increases in OVA dues, with the most immediate objective being to acquire the Oakmont Golf Club no matter what the costs. 

Oakmont Alliance has no support from realtors or any other outside interests with funding coming from donations to the Umpqua Bank in Oakmont (6641 Oakmont Dr., account #4870898881). A GoFundMe page is also available for contributions made by credit card. For further information, Oakmont Alliance can be reached through their FAQ page: Oakmont Alliance Frequently Asked Questions.

Key proposed amendments described herein include provisions which would:

  • Change Membership Voting Rights: Alternative amendments are included to provide either one vote per household, or up to two votes for household with two OVA members, leaving the Board to decide which to present on the Bylaws election ballotArticle IV

  • Require Membership Votes for Large Capital Improvements: Article XII

  • Strengthen Special Meetings: Extending provisions to allow members to petition for elections to make OVA decisions, including ones that might override decisions of the Board – Sections 3.3 and 3.5

  • Increase Board Size to Nine and Term of Office to Three Years: Sections 5.2 and 5.3

  • Make It Easier to Amend the Bylaws: reduce the number of member votes required to enact amendments from over 1,600 to as low as 405 – Article XII

  • Make the Bylaws Conform to State Law: numerous changes scattered throughout the Bylaws correct provisions that are incompatible with state law, clarify the language of the Bylaws, or make small improvements to the existing Bylaws.

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On Tuesday, May 7, an OVA workshop was held, billed in an E-blast announcement as Vision of Oakmont 2030. The official documentation of this workshop may be found at:

This workshop was comprised of an official presentation by Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) member Jeff Young, documenting the results of extensive interviews, conducted since last summer, with residents, club presidents, realtors, other “stakeholders” and California retirement communities. In order to make the results easily understandable, the presentation largely consisted of “stories”, each one a slide headed by a “theme label” title followed by a list of word-for-word quotes from representatives of a particular category (residents – 17 stories, realtors – 6 stories, clubs – 2 stories, competitor surveys – 2 stories). This was a very effective way of representing the diverse opinions of the people interviewed, although it failed to capture the prevalence of any of the opinions. There was also one story (p. 7) entitled “Who Lives in Oakmont” consisting of demographic data from the 2010 census.

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The Committee of Education and Transparency (CETC) is trying, but their efforts and recommendations are not supported by the Board

Background: this committee was created some months ago by Board President, Steve Spanier, who also serves as the committee’s liaison, to bring Education and Transparency of Community issues to the membership.

In February, the CETC recommended that the Board hold a Town Hall Meeting on the OGC issue and this recommendation was approved by the Board at the March Open Meeting. The CETC recommended a neutral presentation of the pros and cons of a golf course purchase, what scenarios are being considered, and how these will impact home values and dues.

Yesterday, at the May 9 CETC Meeting, the committee members discussed if the April 16th Town Hall met their objectives. These were their comments: 

  • Felt that it was not a neutral venue, especially when a majority of the Board voiced their support thus indicating they had already decided
  • Wished more pros and cons of a purchase were presented; wanted more facts
  • Were disappointed in the reporting in the Oakmont News – felt that the article skewed the perception of overwhelming support of a purchase and did not report on the concerns raised 
  • Did not address any financial considerations of both a purchase or non-purchase 
  • Did not address what OVA’s future would look like if OVA purchases the courses/land

The majority consensus was that the Town Hall DID NOT give the community the information it needs to make a decision on the golf course issue. So…

The Committee voted to recommend that the Board present a Workshop on OVA Financials and the impact of OGC acquisition. They wish it to be held prior to any offer to purchase the golf course because, in their mission for facts and transparency, they feel the membership needs to know the implications of such a purchase. What will be the financial impacts to the OVA and individual members?

I have attended many CETC meetings and am impressed with their desire to give the membership the facts. I hope the Board will honor future efforts of this committee, including the recommended Financial Workshop on OVA Finances. The Board did not do so for the April 16 OGC Town Hall. 

I would encourage members to attend this committee meeting, held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 10 am in the OVA Manager’s Conference room, to show support for education and transparency.

On Monday, May 6, several people representing the Oakmont Alliance (OA) delivered petitions with over 230 signatures to the OVA office, for delivery to the OVA Board of directors.

The petition is requiring that a vote of the membership be conducted, stating “in the event the OVA Board of Directors intends to make an offer for the purchase of OGC.” The petition further highlights that “the acquisition of the Oakmont Golf Club (OGC) by OVA would materially increase OVA property assets, ongoing operational expenses, facility asset replacement expenses, responsibilities and liabilities,… and such an acquisition would significantly alter the substance and character of the existing OVA”.  It is important to note that the petition neither advocates nor opposes OGC acquisition by OVA. The full petition can be read HERE and FAQs about the petition HERE.

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Dear Editor:

The following is an open letter sent April 21 to the OVA Board at golf@oakmontvillage.com and others

Many Oakmont residents (myself included) would be sorry to see golf eliminated from the community. The courses provide an appealing residential setting and a great recreational activity for those wishing to participate. Since play is open to the general public, it creates a more vibrant and inclusive atmosphere as opposed to the concept of a gated retirement committee mmunity. Oakmont is not a “private golf community” but rather a “community with golf courses integrated within its boundaries”. Even though golf was not the primary reason why many of us moved here, but it was likely a factor in that decision. 

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