Wednesday, December 11, 2019

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The OVA Election Process

It is quite probable that there are many Oakmont property owners who would be interested in being a candidate for the OVA Board of Directors (BOD).  The reluctance to enter a race is based on the negative type of responses by others (groups or individuals) that begin and grow during the election process itself.  It…

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Ex-Director Ken Heyman Files Lawsuit Against OVA

The Complaint for Damages filed with the Sonoma County Superior Court in this matter is a public document that was obtained from the Court. The Complaint names former OVA Manager Cassie Turner, former Board Director and President Andie Altman and 25 unnamed individuals as Defendants.  (“Plaintiff will amend this complaint to add their true names and…

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Why OVA Membership Votes Make Sense

In reality there is no way of knowing what newer residents want. Just because some new residents put a great deal of money into remodeling their homes doesn’t mean that they want an expanded Berger Center, subsidies for the OGC. or higher dues. They may have chosen to live in Oakmont because of the beautiful…

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Our Annual Opportunity for a Better Oakmont

Thank you, Yvonne Frauenfelder, for your excellent, well-focused article regarding the precarious state of our situation (Oakmont – Transition 2019).  The comments made by Rick Feibusch to your article bring even more clarity to where we are and the plight we face. Over the past 3 to 5 years, we witnessed the arrival of younger, …

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Oakmont – Transition 2019

More than half a century ago, H.N. “Nor” Berger, a developer from Sacramento, built 600 houses and an 18 hole golf course along Highway 12 – in a former hop yard. He fulfilled his dream to create a retirement village that followed a new trend sweeping the nation. The entrepreneur built out his Shangri-La with…

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Campaign Volunteer Attacked Outside CAC

An Oakmont man has requested the Oakmont Village Association hold a disciplinary hearing against two men who allegedly attacked him while he sat outside the CAC holding a sign that encouraged residents to vote, plus campaign posters and hand-outs.   The incident was reported to have occurred Wednesday, March 28 at approximately 1:00pm. The man…

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