Wednesday, April 1, 2020

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OVA Safety Issues – Berger Seismic Retrofit Set to Begin

It now appears that the seismic retrofit to strengthen the four corner pillars of the Berger Center will commence later this month.  At the August 9 meeting of the Building Construction Committee (BCC) an anticipated start date of August 27 was given for Nordby Construction to begin work on the ERC remodel and the seismic…

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May 1 OVA Board Meeting Summary

Board President Steve Spanier opened the meeting with a brief President’s Message covering issues of education, transparency and civility and referred to a few items on the meeting agenda addressing these issues. As the meeting progressed it became clear that, without announcing any such change, Spanier had evidently adjusted his previously stated view regarding whether…

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April 17 – OVA Board Votes

Below you will find the motions made and how the Directors voted during the April 17th meeting. $9,100 was approved 6-0 for Liquefaction testing for the Berger remodel. Click HERE for Agenda ITEM MOTION 2ND VOTE ✓ Dog Charter Goodwin Klyn 6-0 (not voting, Spanier) ✓ Committee Appts Kendrick Medeiros 6-0 (not voting, Spanier) ✓ LRPC Medeiros Neufeld…

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April 3 – OVA Board Votes

Throughout the year our OVA Board of Directors will be making important decisions on behalf of the resident members. An Observer news reporter will summarize and highlight the issues addressed during these Business meeting. The purpose of my monthly post is to provide the community with a running record of the motions, the votes, and any…

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