Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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April 17 – OVA Board Votes

Below you will find the motions made and how the Directors voted during the April 17th meeting. $9,100 was approved 6-0 for Liquefaction testing for the Berger remodel.

Click HERE for Agenda


✓ Dog Charter


Klyn6-0 (not voting, Spanier)
✓ Committee Appts


Medeiros6-0 (not voting, Spanier)
✓ LRPCMedeirosNeufeld6-0 (not voting, Spanier)
✓ Annadel TrailMedierosKendrick6-0 (not voting, Spanier)
✓ Town HallsNeufeldKendrick6-0 (not voting, Spanier)
✓ Fireside ChatsAnnouncement only
✓ Social MediaTabled until May meeting
✓ InsuranceGoodwinBettencourt6-0 (not voting, Spanier)
✓ Liquefaction $9,100GoodwinKendrick6-0 (not voting, Spanier)
✓ Reserve StudyMedeirosKlyn 3-2
YES: Kendrick, Medeiros, Klyn
 NO: Goodwin, Bettencourt
NOT VOTING: Spanier  (Absent during vote, Neufeld)
✓ CC Appts MedeirosKlyn 4-2 (not voting, Spanier)
YES: Kendrick, Neufeld, Medeiros, Klyn
 NO: Goodwin, Bettencourt
 NOT VOTING: Spanier
✓ BCC Appts Kendrick Medeiros 6-0 (not voting, Spanier)
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