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Today, April 19, the Zoning Administrator for the City of Santa Rosa approved the conversion of two East Rec. tennis courts to Multi-Use Sports Courts (6 Pickle Ball courts).   This means that the Planning Dept., Fire Dept., Building Dept. and Zoning have all approved the Conditional Use Permit.

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Below you will find the motions made and how the Directors voted during the April 17th meeting. $9,100 was approved 6-0 for Liquefaction testing for the Berger remodel.

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✓ Dog Charter


Klyn 6-0 (not voting, Spanier)
✓ Committee Appts


Medeiros 6-0 (not voting, Spanier)
✓ LRPC Medeiros Neufeld 6-0 (not voting, Spanier)
✓ Annadel Trail Medieros Kendrick 6-0 (not voting, Spanier)
✓ Town Halls Neufeld Kendrick 6-0 (not voting, Spanier)
✓ Fireside Chats Announcement only
✓ Social Media Tabled until May meeting
✓ Insurance Goodwin Bettencourt 6-0 (not voting, Spanier)
✓ Liquefaction $9,100 Goodwin Kendrick 6-0 (not voting, Spanier)
✓ Reserve Study Medeiros Klyn  3-2
YES:  Kendrick, Medeiros, Klyn
 NO:  Goodwin, Bettencourt
NOT VOTING:  Spanier  (Absent during vote, Neufeld)
✓ CC Appts  Medeiros Klyn  4-2 (not voting, Spanier)
YES:  Kendrick, Neufeld, Medeiros, Klyn
 NO:  Goodwin, Bettencourt
 NOT VOTING:  Spanier
✓ BCC Appts  Kendrick  Medeiros  6-0 (not voting, Spanier)
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The newly elected Board of Directors held its first business meeting on April 17 before a large audience in the Berger Center.  

Highlights of this nearly three hour meeting:

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(Photo by Greg Gewalt)

This coming Thursday could be the end of the line for Oakmont’s seemingly interminable quest to build a permanent pickleball facility. But then, the hearing before the zoning commissioner could wind up back in Santa Rosa’s bureaucratic maze.

The hearing on Oakmont’s request for a conditional use permit to convert two ERC tennis courts (#1 & #2) to six pickleball courts will be held at City Hall (100 Santa Rosa Ave.), Rm. 7, starting at 10:30 am, Thursday, April 19. The Oakmont permit request is #7 on the agenda.

To be available to answer questions, Director Greg Goodwin and Iris Harrell will attend. According to Harrell the hearing could well result in the request being approved. However, if approved, the public will be given ten days to appeal the decision. If an appeal is granted, it may take several more weeks before a hearing is scheduled.

Check the Oakmont Observer Thursday for an update on the hearing.

Former members of the Central Park Committee (CPC), which was abruptly disbanded at the new Board’s organizational meeting an hour after election results were announced on April 3, expressed dismay and surprise at this action by the Board.  

John Blevens, moved to Oakmont from Placerville with his wife in September of last year.  Having a background in irrigation design, when he saw a request for volunteers for the CPC in the Oakmont News he volunteered to join the committee.  “The new board has different ideas, so they want us to discontinue our work,” said Blevens. “Well, okay, but can you acknowledge volunteers who spent a lot of time?  It’s common courtesy just to give an appreciation of your effort.”

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The following is a recent article by Jay Gamel of the Kenwood Press
“Two neighbors have teamed up to explore the commercial possibilities that have opened up with the legalization of marijuana.
“I have the expertise, he has the room, to do this,” Jensen said. “This is really a business proposition for us. Considering the resources and energy and manpower it takes to do grape growing, when I look at what’s involved in running a 20,000-square-foot nursery for cannabis – well, it’s just a few people. It’s a far easier model.”
Dean Bordigioni owns the 37-acre Annadel Estate Winery/Bordigioni Family Winery, and Jay Jensen owns 26 acres two doors south where he runs Novavine, one of the major vine nurseries in California, grafting nearly six million young vines to specialty rootstocks for commercial operations.”… READ MORE at the Kenwood Press


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