Dear reader and contributor to The Oakmont Observer:

For almost a year and a half, our Online newspaper has provided the community with a vehicle in which to air and to share opinions, praise and grievances as they relate to Oakmont news, happenings and events in our community. 

Unlike OVA sponsored mediums, the Observer is open and available to everyone, wishing to opine and comment on Oakmont’s governance, both in the realms of perceived successes and failures. 

Founded by local writers and photographers, the OO is open and invites submissions from residents of all walks of life.

All content is accepted (Login Here), as long as it follows the tenets of civility and respect directed at all neighbors, be they in official capacity or fully retired. 

The Founding Fathers have with the Constitution’s First Amendment given us the freedom and the right to speak our minds without the fear of repercussion. 

In the spirit of these endowments, we look forward to a continued and fruitful exchange of ideas and thoughts that connect all of us in our great community.

Finally, we do hope that you like our new and expanded look, that makes it easier to find what you are looking for and what is being published. 


The Oakmont Observer

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  1. Bobbi Rogers on July 31, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    It looks great. Everyone I know logs onto the site frequently….Keep up the great work. Bobbi

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