YES votes 1,973 to 707 NO votes. The culmination of the August 8th election shows that almost two-thirds of Oakmont’s residents wish to retain golf as an amenity in their village. 

The monthlong battle for and against the dues increase was fought on both sides vigorously and at times acrimoniously. 

The YES vote warning against housing development on the golf courses, and the NO votes unconditionally repudiating such claims. 

In the end concern over the future of the 250 acres of open space led the significant majority to opt for the tried and true status quo, namely the continuance of golf play. 

One observer, posting the results, wrote: “It’s over.”

The victorious members pleading to move on, with the defeated minority stating ‘not so fast.’ They promise to keep their resistance to the deal alive for the 60 days escrow period. 

In the weeks to come, the BOD will work on the details of the leasing agreement with Advance Golf Partners. While the rough outlines of the contract are known, the particular elements are yet to be fine tuned.

The results of the vote are empowering the BOD to purchase the golf operation and to enter into final negotiations with the prospective lessee ADP to manage our golf courses and the Quail Inn for an anticipated 30 years. 

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  1. Debbie Mallory on August 9, 2019 at 1:27 pm

    So happy the “yes” vote won. Now is the time for the community to start healing from all the hate and negativity.

  2. Lisa Symonds on August 9, 2019 at 5:21 pm

    The board must do more due diligence on AGP. I visited their Delaware Back Creek course and was very disappointed with the results. The award winning restaurant only had three tables full on a Saturday at lunch time, a review of home prices bordering the golf course showed home prices were declining since AGP took over and the owner reported he lost over $200,000 in public golf revenue as they closed the course for 40 days in 2018 for various events. The owner has recently purchased another nearby bankrupt course and was pulling all the business from Back Creek to the newly opened course.

  3. James Foreman on August 9, 2019 at 11:57 pm

    Though I am no longer a resident of Oakmont, observing this from the outside looking in, I have to say it was both predictable and unfortunately not thorough or transparent enough. The Champaign is flowing way too fast and before the OVA signs on the line I hope that all those invested in Oakmont ensure the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed.

    My take from someone without a stake:

    1. The marketers, brokers and communicators on the so called YES side did an excellent job selling their incomplete, secretive plan to the residents who wanted to buy the golf course or wanted some other benefit they believed would be “good” for them.
    2. Leading up to the vote, over the past year +, there was a long setup and seed planting process being established that was clearly biased towards buying the OGC. This included the Oakmont News OGC ads/articles, President’s messages directing people towards only one side/perspective, and the direct influence of the messaging within the Kenwood Press/Press Democrat/Sonoma Index-Tribune.
    3. The public shaming and attacks on this website and those residents voicing concerns, as well as the blocked public access to the Oakmont News online, added to the strategy of controlling the messaging.
    3. Finally there are aspects I have not seen or heard mentioned much, but I am sure was noted by those people/leaders who can see into the dynamics. It is what I would call “privilege with the strong need for control and security”. Many in Oakmont would naturally be blind to this, but it is a KEY reason for this vote and has been effecting Oakmont for a long time (or maybe embedded from the beginning). This is seen in all the issues that have arisen over the past 5 years, and can be unpacked by looking directly at the fears people in Oakmont are driven by; home values, conflict with neighbors, losing a recreational activity, fire etc. This fear complex blocks most people from looking at alternative ideas when considering to buy or not by the OGC.

    The above are my observations and I happen to have enough insight and direct experience into each area of influence to share some perspectives. I have no real desire to be right, and have no stake in the outcome.

    I just know and believe this… nobody really knows how all of this will fully turn out, but the process was greatly flawed, driven by a biased and controlling OVA BOD, and this may not fully heal in a community that has years of internal bitterness already. This issue will continue to disrupt Oakmont, force more members to work hard towards OGC success, and challenge how things are managed and financed for decades to come.

    What I love most about the golf course, and land it is on, are the birds, trees and views. May the birds keep coming so we can enjoy them, count them and listen to them for years and years to come.

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