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Oakmont Forum Questions for Candidates

As has been previously reported, the Oakmont Forum Club held a brainstorming session on January 29 to come up with questions to be suggested for the February 19 Candidates’ Night event, and subsequently provided an on-line poll for OVA residents to suggest and vote on the candidate questions. This article will report on the results of both the brainstorming session and the poll, with candidate questions ranked by their popularity in the poll.

The table below represents the 21 questions that respondents voted on in our poll:

CANDIDATE QUESTION (*Ranked in order of popularity)1/29 FORUM
There is considerable interest among Oakmont residents in being allowed to vote on expensive capital improvement projects. Where do you stand on amending our Bylaws to make this happen? If you are in favor, where would you set the threshold for requiring a membership vote?#2#1
No matter how you look at it, problems of the Oakmont Golf Club present a dilemma for OVA. What ideas for resolving this issue would you bring to the table?#4#2
OVA has experienced a number of lawsuits in recent years, which have affected both the cost and availability of liability insurance for the Association. What should the OVA Board do to avoid lawsuits in the future?*#3
Would you support the full disclosure of the details of the result of legal proceedings involving the OVA?#1#4
Does our Reserve Study have enough projected funding to maintain, repair and replace OVA facilities when needed?#18#5
In the absence of any supporting Bylaws amendments, would you advocate holding membership votes on major projects, and would you abide by the results? Explain.#3#6
What is your vision for the Berger remodel?#8#7
As a Board member, you would be responsible to and for all OVA members. How will you prevent costs (dues and assessments) from forcing people out of Oakmont?#5#8
When should OVA engage an independent Project Manager?#15#9
Would you support amending our Bylaws to provide one vote per OVA member, or do you think we should stay with 1 vote per home? Why?#12#10
Was it appropriate for the OVA Board to authorize $20,000 to the OGC for maintenance of drainage channels on OGC property? Why or why not? Was the Board decision process as transparent as it should have been?#16
Does your vision of Oakmont 5 to 10 years from now include a major expansion of new facilities? If so, what would you like to see and how would you have OVA pay for it?#7#12
Would you support the development of a long range plan for OVA, prior to proceeding with future large projects? What are your priorities?#19#13
What process would you use in deciding and prioritizing facilities expansion?#20#14
Would you consider having OVA purchase all OGC assets, in order to preserve the open space for all of Oakmont?#9#15
What would you propose to improve Oakmont evacuation in an emergency? How can OVA help in this?#6#16
Will our 2019 reserves be enough to pay for the CAC renovation which is scheduled in the 2019 Reserve Study?#14#17
If elected, will you honor the previous Board’s decision to remodel the Berger?#18#18
Would you consider having OVA purchase portions of OGC assets (e.g. the “power line” lot, acreage near CAC, etc), in order to preserve our open space?#12#19
Would you support OVA preparation now of a contingency plan to allow a more rapid and thought out response, should OGC fail at sometime in the future?#11#20
Would you support an OVA effort to implement sirens in Oakmont?#7#21

*This question, about avoiding future lawsuits, did not come out of the brainstorming session, but was the third most popular question in the poll.

During the Candidates’ Night event on February 19, only ten questions will be asked of each candidate. We know the questions will not be exactly the same as any listed above, but we can hope that the essence of the most popular questions will be included.

In addition to the 21 questions voted on by respondents to the poll, respondents submitted a total of 24 “write-in” questions, representing an even broader range of interests. I want to thank all respondents, and I hope that the process has helped you clarify your thinking, as well as providing inputs to the Nominating Committee for the difficult process of condensing all resident questions down to the few that there will be time to answer during Candidates’ Night.

The core purposes of the Oakmont Forum are to inform members on Oakmont issues, to involve members in OVA governance, and to empower them to participate in deciding the future of Oakmont. Please check for details. We are looking for people who support our mission, to help us with recruiting speakers, producing our events and other projects. To get on our Email list, become active with the Oakmont Forum Club, or weigh in on which topics interest you the most for future Oakmont Forums, fill out our questionnaire at For more information, you may send us an email at

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