Wednesday, December 11, 2019

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1-29-2019 Golf Club Committee Minutes

Last Updated: 02-07-19

Present: Tom Kendrick (Chair), Carolyn Bettencourt, Elke Strunka, Jan Young, Joe Henderson, Dave Johnson, George McKinney, and OVA GM Kevin Hubred.

I. Call to order at 1:33 pm.

II. Approved Jan 10 meeting minutes.

III. Status of OGC discussions:

A. Oak Leaf Drive property: Appraisal was based on assumption that a residence or other building could be erected, but a PGE easement document would appear to make this impossible. Until this is shown incorrect, OVA cannot advance a formal offer for the lot.

B. OGC Valley Resident Program: The VRP is up and running. Initial sign-ups have been slow, but are picking up.

C. Rumors: There are multiple rumors concerning offers for and sale of OGC to outside parties. These appear to be unfounded, but based on recent service cutbacks and staff reductions indicate that such actions could be imminent.

D. Drainage assistance to OGC: One small project has been conditionally approved by BOD. The project cannot commence until weather and soil conditions permit, probably later in the spring. OGC provided a map showing OVA residences that would be potentially affected by flooding if maintenance is not done soon, and discussions are ongoing.

IV. Committee member inputs/comments:

A. General discussion of the need for OGC to consider relaxing rules such as “no walkers on courses” to provide more incentive for OVA members to offer support.

B. Both OVA and OGC need money for short-term requirements. There may be possible synergies, but any OVA action considers must be in line with association needs and priorities. We cannot do everything—at least not simultaneously.

C. Building support for significant OVA financial help to OGC will require education for the community.

D. OVA cannot really do much until OGC proposes some action for us to review and respond to.

E. A special assessment of about $1000 per member (roughly $5M) would be required to purchase OGC, but member enthusiasm at that cost would likely be

low, and there would be both additional and ongoing costs if OVA were to do this.

F. It would be useful to survey similar communities where golfing operations have experienced financial troubles and/or closed.

V. Motion: OVA should approach OGC to discuss moving the boundary in the central complex (increasing OVA property in the CAC/Lawn Bowling area and reducing the OGC 3rd and 4th holes on the West Course). (Jan moved, Joe seconded.) All present voted in favor. Action: Tom sent a note to OGC, and will follow up.

VI. Adjourn at 2:40 pm.

Next meeting: February 26, 2019 at 1:30 pm.

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