Was scheduled for Saturday, February 9, 1 – 3 pm, West Rec

Back in December, anticipating the upcoming election, the Oakmont Forum Club decided to hold a Forum where any or all of the candidates could introduce themselves to the community and give their opinions on two or three of the most critical questions facing OVA today. We scheduled West Rec for Feb 9 and announced the event in the Jan 15 issue of the Oakmont News and the Feb 1 OVA Eblast.

We were rather stunned when the Eblast announced a Meet the Candidates event in Berger to start just 23 hours before our event, but it was too late to reschedule, so we went ahead and invited all candidates. Understandably, given the OVA-sponsored event a day earlier, ALL of the candidates declined our invitation. Unfortunately, since there will be no Q&A session on Friday, this deprives whomever might have attended the Oakmont Forum on Saturday of an early opportunity to ask candidates questions on the record.

So what can we do? Our best hope for understanding the candidates’ positions on issues is the Candidates’ Night event on Feb 19, for which the Nominating Committee will be preparing a set of ten questions to be asked of each candidate. The most important thing is to submit your questions for candidates to the Nominating Committee before their deadline of Feb 11. You may do this by filling in the form at the top of last week’s Eblast, or by writing your question on the paper form on p. 3 of the Feb 1 Oakmont News, or by sending an Email to oakmontcounts@gmail.com.

Another alternative is to respond to the Oakmont Forum poll. The questions listed in the poll are the most voted-for questions from the Oakmont Forum brainstorming session which we held in Berger on Jan 29, and you may add your own different questions if you like. We will make a report of the results of the poll as of noon on Feb 9 and deliver the report to the Nominating Committee for their consideration.

Needless to say, the more people who answer the poll, the stronger will be the message of the report. But it is still important for you to submit your questions independently, because we have no assurance that our report will carry any more weight than a single person’s submission. To quote Ruthie Snyder’s reply to us when we sent her our report from the brainstorming session, “Your questions will be added to all the others submitted by OVA members with none being weighted one way or the other.” I’m not quite sure what that means, and she has not elaborated.

Finally, below is a quick and easy way to submit candidate questions, if you like the ones presented in the Oakmont Forum poll. Basically, you copy the text of any question from the poll, paste it into the box in the Eblast and hit the Submit button. To elaborate, for any of you who need a detailed step-by-step:

  1. Open a browser window to the Oakmont Forum Poll 
  2. Open a separate browser window (or tab) to last week’s EBlast
  3. In the poll window, scroll to any question you would like to submit to the committee, mark the text of the question and copy it.
  4. In the EBlast window, paste into the candidate question box and then click on Submit.
  5. If you wish to submit an additional question, then click the browser Back button for the EBlast window, mark the text in the entry box, and delete it, to give you an empty box in which to enter your next question.
  6. Repeat 3 through 5 for each additional question from the list that you would like to submit.

I used this method to submit my 8 highest priority questions from the Poll in less than 4 minutes. You may take more or less time depending on how many questions you submit, how quick you are with the mouse, and whether or not you decide to modify questions (which you certainly may do). I would recommend that you submit no more than 10, because only 10 questions will be asked of the candidates and submitting more is effectively voting against yourself.

The core purposes of the Oakmont Forum are to inform OVA members on Oakmont issues, to involve members in OVA governance, and to empower them to participate in deciding the future of Oakmont. Please check https://oakmontforum.com for details, or fill out our questionnaire to express your interests. We are looking for people who support our mission, to help us with recruiting speakers, producing our events and other projects, such as going to committee meetings and writing blog entry reports on what went on. For more information or to become active with the Oakmont Forum, you may also send an email to info@oakmontforum.com.

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  1. Kathy friend on February 8, 2019 at 12:27 am

    Well Bruce you’re bending over backwards to be nice about this. I think this election is not valid, with too few candidates and a dubious process. In light of that I would suggest people not vote. There have to be a certain minimum number of votes to certify the election. Why should anybody vote for people who don’t have the long term sustainability of Oakmont in mind? And who would run in opposition to that cabal when their tactics are so abusive?

    • Lyn Cramer on February 8, 2019 at 8:11 am

      Do we have evidence that the nominating committee refused to nominate a willing candidate? If not, does this lack of a sixth board candidate say anything about the board or nominating committee, or is it a better measure of the (un)willingness of members to step forward and volunteer for a demanding responsibility? Absent evidence to the contrary, I believe the latter.

  2. Bruce Bon on February 8, 2019 at 10:01 am

    I have things to say about both Kathy’s and Lyn’s comments, but not as a representative of the Oakmont Forum Club. Check the NextDoor BOD group (https://nextdoor.com/news_feed/?post=102470465) for my comments, representing only myself.

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