• New club — Women in Conversation Club [4.B.]
  • Charter approval — Oakmont Energy Resiliency Project Committee (OERPC) [4.D.]
  • Los Guilicos Task Force “Community Concerns and Recommendations Report” [7.C.]
  • AED purchase [9.A.]
  • Suite B Renovation [10.A.]
  • Architectural Solar Energy Policy Revision [10.B.]


The intent of this article is to give a short preview of Tuesday’s Board meeting, highlighting a few agenda items that may be of particular interest to OVA members.  Information is taken from the Board Meeting Packet, and page numbers are those listed at the bottom of each page in that document.

Agenda item 4. [pp 1-34]  Consent Calendar.  The packet contains minutes of the January 21 Board business meeting (pp 1-4) and the February 2 Town Hall meeting on Central Area Project Framing Workshop (pp 5-6), for Board approval.

(pp 7-9)  A new club will be approved, the Women in Conversation Club, whose purpose will be to foster well being of women by forming social connections and sharing.

(pp 10-12)  A charter for the Oakmont Energy Resiliency Project will be approved.

(pp 16-34)  Finally, there is a Notice of Delinquent Assessment (NODA) resolution, identifying 9 accounts which are delinquent by amounts ranging from $321 to $652.54.  The effect of this will be to record liens against the properties and to turn the accounts over to a collections agent.

Agenda item 5.  President’s report

Agenda item 7.A. [pp 35-55]  Treasurer’s Report.

Agenda item 7.B.  Management Report.

Agenda item 7.C. [pp 56-91]  Los Guilicos Task Force “Community Concerns and Recommendations Report”.  This very important report to the OVA Board and Oakmont Community identifies concerns and facts about the homeless village that now is in operation across Highway 12 from Oakmont, and recommends actions to be taken (and two NOT to be taken) in response to community concerns.

Agenda item 9.A. [pp 92-167]  AED Purchase Resolution.  The resolution proposes purchase of up to five Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), to be used in the OVA common area buildings, at a cost of approximately $8,475 total, plus $1,000 to $2,000 annually for maintenance and monitoring.

Agenda item 10.A. [pp 168-174] Suite B Renovation Approval Resolution.  This resolution is to approve renovation of Suite B, which OVA rents in the same building as the OVA offices.  The renovation would include new lighting and switches, removal of the half wall that currently divides the room, new carpet, blinds and paint, and other changes to make the room more usable for OVA committee and club meetings.  The cost would be $36,850 and the project would be overseen by the BCC.

Agenda item 10.B. [pp 175-177] Architectural Solar Energy Policy Revision Resolution.  This resolution is to give conceptual approval to a revised solar energy policy, as proposed by the Architectural Committee.  The new rules will not go into effect until the policy has been posted and owner comments have been allowed.

Agenda item 10.C. [p 178] March Town Hall Meeting Resolution.

 Following OVA practice of holding a town hall meeting on the first Tuesday of each month, there will be a town hall meeting on March 3.  The Board will discuss and decide on the topic for the March town hall.

Agenda item 11. [pp 179-188]  Review of committee meeting minutes for:  Community Education and Transparency Committee (CETC), Dec 5, 2019 Meeting [pp 179-180], Finance Committee (FC), Dec 12 meeting [p 181], Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC), Nov 19 meeting [pp 182-186]; Building Construction Committee (BCC), Jan 22 meeting [pp 187-188].  Decisions made by the OVA Board of Directors are heavily influenced by the information and recommendations provide by the various committees.  The minutes are the easiest way, other than attending committee meetings, for OVA members to stay informed of committee activities.

Agenda item 12.  Next Meeting

  • Mar 17, 1 pm Berger — Board meeting


In order to stay informed about activities that will impact all of us, OVA members should review the OVA Board meeting packets when they come out.  As shown by the very limited highlights above, there are lots of things going on.  This article is far from comprehensive.  For more complete details, you should review the meeting packet itself.  If you would like the Board to know how you feel about any issue, you should show up at the Board meeting, or Email them at BoardOfDirectors@oakmontvillage.com .

**  If you would like to serve the Oakmont community by attending OVA Board of Directors, town hall or committee meetings and then writing news reports on them for the independent Oakmont Observer, then please Email your interests and contact information to info@oakmontforum.com.  Educating the community and encouraging  member participation in OVA governance is a prime focus of the Oakmont Forum Mission.

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