The Oakmont Golf Club announced on March 12 that the Proposal for Assessment received a 73% favorable vote. It appears from these numbers that 234 of the 260 members cast ballots.

The announcement read:

“In these times, achieving voter turnout of over 90% is almost unheard of; 81% of those voted YES!! This speaks so highly of the value the membership places on the Club.  We are gratified with their support and consideration of the imperative for the Oakmont Golf Club to meet and honor its financial commitments.  The decision will permit OGC to move through the sale process in a much stronger position.  A position that will ultimately result in a better and more enjoyable club for everyone.  

“The assessment will be billed separately and quickly.  There will be an option to pay in two installments.  We realize that this is still a difficult decision for some members and may result in their considering resignation.  This is actually a great time to remain or become a member at OGC.  A new and better facility is on the way, dues are likely to remain low and initiation fees for new members are almost nonexistent.  We want all members to stay invested in their Club.”

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