Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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Too Many Unknowns & Why I am Voting NO

At the June 25th OVA Workshop regarding an OGC  purchase, 4 options were presented: Do nothing. Shut down some OGC operations Operate as now, using a management firm Operate similar as now, with a Net Lease Partner Option 4 was discussed in depth with details given by Ken Arimitsu, OVA Broker. I asked the following…

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OVA Transparency Committee Attempts to Educate Community

The Committee of Education and Transparency (CETC) is trying, but their efforts and recommendations are not supported by the Board Background: this committee was created some months ago by Board President, Steve Spanier, who also serves as the committee’s liaison, to bring Education and Transparency of Community issues to the membership. In February, the CETC…

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Goodwin Talks with Residents About Future of OGC

Director Goodwin’s Fireside chat at the East Rec on Monday, July 23 was well attended. The purpose was to hear how neighbors feel about financially supporting the Oakmont Golf Club (OGC.) The consensus among attendees is that the Oakmont Golf Club is not OVA’s responsibility.

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OGC Town Hall, My Impressions

PHOTO: Deferred maintenance at the ERC has left our facility partially barricaded for the past three years and Reserve Study costs escalating from $690,000 to $2 million This town hall was apparently not meant to address the question of whether or not OVA SHOULD fund OGC but instead HOW OVA should fund OGC. Director Kendrick…

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Reserve Study Deficit Revealed, Loan Options Considered

During the recent Finance Committee meeting on June 14, OVA President Steve Spanier sat in for Finance Committee Board Liaison Tom Kendrick. The Agenda included the Treasurer’s Report, Capital Fund expenditures of the East Rec Center and the recently completed physical inspection for the 2019 Reserve Study Report.   Several members of the community were…

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