Wednesday, April 1, 2020

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Steve Spanier’s Message on the OGC

The “Sky is Falling” scenario which projects huge losses in property value when a golf course goes into bankruptcy may be true in some areas of the country where golf is the primary focus of most community social and athletic activity, but clearly, that is not the case in Oakmont. I’m sorry to see that…

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Why OVA Membership Votes Make Sense

In reality there is no way of knowing what newer residents want. Just because some new residents put a great deal of money into remodeling their homes doesn’t mean that they want an expanded Berger Center, subsidies for the OGC. or higher dues. They may have chosen to live in Oakmont because of the beautiful…

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Acquire the Assets and Lease it Back to OGC

Unfortunately,  the wider community has been given virtually no information about the financial problems which the OGC faces.  Conflicting information has been spread.  Some say that the golf OGC is doing well enough, but lost money this year and last as a result of the fires and smoke filled air that reduced the number of players.…

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A Former Teacher’s View on the Challenges in Education

Recently, experts at Davos (World Economic Forum) pondered the question of how education must be changed if our young people are to survive in a World with artificial intelligence.  Robots are becoming increasingly capable of performing complex tasks and  replacing humans in the work force of the future.  Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group, China’s e-commerce giant,…

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