• New clubs — Constitution Club [4.C.], Airport Transportation Co-Op [4.E.], Retired Educators Club [4.F.]
  • New standing committee — Oakmont Energy Resiliency Committee [4.D.]
  • AED purchase recommendation [10.A.]
  • Feb 4 Town Hall meeting on the OVA Central Area development [10.C.]
  • New ad hoc committee to address security concerns regarding the Los Guilicos homeless shelter [10.F.]


The intent of this article is to give a short preview of Tuesday’s Board meeting, highlighting a few agenda items that may be of particular interest to OVA members.  Information is taken from the Board Meeting Packet, and page numbers are those listed at the bottom of each page in that document.

Agenda item 4. [pp 1-52]  Consent Calendar.  The packet contains minutes of the December 17 Board business meeting (pp 1-3), for Board approval.

(p 4)  Rob Lenahan has resigned from the Nominating Committee and will be replaced by Director Noel Lyons (who was originally on the committee, but who resigned when Jim Sannar volunteered to serve).  The Nominating Committee will then consist of Elaine Bennett, Carolyn Bettencourt, Heidi Klyn, Noel Lyons and Jim Sannar.

Important note:  Articles announcing the 2020 annual election of directors, and seeking candidates for the four available seats, have appeared on the OVA website, the Oakmont News and OVA Eblasts.  Having candidates to select from is a key to democratic governance, so both the OVA Board and Oakmont Forum urge qualified OVA members to run.

(pp 5-6)  A new club will be approved, the Constitution Club, whose purpose will be to learn about the U.S. Constitution.

(pp 7-8)  The Oakmont Energy Resiliency Project Committee will be created as a standing committee, separate from the Long Range Planning Committee, with the goals of planning and recommending to the Board activities to support energy resiliency, including not only OVA and resident solar photovoltaic system, but generators and batteries to provide power backup when blackouts occur.  Eight specific goals are listed on p 8.

(pp 9-12)  The Airport Transportation Co-op Group will be approved as an OVA recognized group.  The purpose of the group is to share transportation to and from the Santa Rosa Airport and the Park and Ride for Oakmont residents, as a free volunteer Oakmont service.

(pp 13-16)  The Oakmont Retired Educators Club will be approved.

(pp 17-65)  Finally, there is a Notice of Delinquent Assessment (NODA) resolution, identifying 15 accounts which are delinquent by amounts ranging from $247.13 to $4,100.  The effect of this will be to record liens against the properties and to turn the accounts over to a collections agent.

Agenda item 5.  President’s message

Agenda item 7.A.  Treasurer’s Report.

Agenda item 7.B.  Management Report.

Agenda item 7.C.  Solar Committee Report.

Agenda item 9.A. [pp 88-115]  Inspector of the Election Appointment.  If passed, this resolution will appoint Grapevine Property Management of Rohnert Park as Inspector of Elections for the 2020 election of OVA directors.

Agenda item 10.A. [pp 116-175]  AED Purchase Resolution.  The resolution proposes purchase of up to five Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), to be used in the OVA common area buildings, at a cost of approximately $10,000 total, plus $1,000 to $2,000 annually for maintenance and monitoring.

Agenda item 10.B. [pp 176-178] Annual Meeting & Election of Directors Timeline.  This resolution is to approve a timeline proposed by OVA management, in order to meet the requirements of California law and our Bylaws.  Eight dates are specified in the resolution, but the most important are:  Feb 1 – last date of acceptance for self-nomination; Feb 15 – candidate statements published in the Oakmont News; no later than Mar 6 – notice of annual meeting and election of directors delivered to OVA members; and Apr 6 – end of voting and close of nominations from the floor at the annual meeting.

Agenda item 10.C. [pp 179-180] Town Hall Meeting for February 4.  Topic proposed is “OVA Central Area — Phase One ‘Project Framing Workshop'”.  This meeting will be important to attend for all who are interested in the future development of the OVA Central Area.

Agenda item 10.D. [pp 181-203] Dog Park Contractor Approval.  Proposal is to approve Mitchell Landscape as the contractor for developing the Oakmont Dog Park, at an expected cost of $138,908.

Agenda item 10.E. [p 204] Club Request for Funding.  Proposes creation of an OVA “policy dictating when OVA will and will not purchase supplies, equipment and other products or services for its authorized clubs.”

Agenda item 10.F. [p 205] Los Guilicos Community Task Force.  Proposes creation of an ad hoc subcommittee to evaluate the County’s plan for a homeless shelter across Highway 12 from Oakmont, and to advise the board on how to ensure the safety and well-being of Oakmont residents.

Agenda item 12.  Next Meeting

  • Feb 18, 1 pm Berger — Board meeting


In order to stay informed about activities that will impact all of us, OVA members should review the OVA Board meeting packets when they come out.  As shown by the very limited highlights above, there are lots of things going on.  This article is far from comprehensive.  For more complete details, you should review the meeting packet itself, whenever it appears on the OVA website.  If you would like the Board to know how you feel about any issue, you should show up at the Board meeting, or Email them at BoardOfDirectors@oakmontvillage.com .

**  If you would like to serve the Oakmont community by attending OVA Board of Directors, town hall or committee meetings and then writing news reports on them for the independent Oakmont Observer, then please Email your interests and contact information to info@oakmontforum.com.  Educating the community and encouraging  member participation in OVA governance is a prime focus of the Oakmont Forum Mission.

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  1. Lyn Cramer on January 20, 2020 at 8:47 am

    Thanks again for summary of the upcoming board meeting.

    The prospective purchased of Automated External Defibrillators is a head-scratcher for me. I know a lot of people signed petitions in support of buying the equipment. But I’ve seen nothing in the Oakmont News on the subject, nor any public discussion of this decision. It deserves more public involvement than it’s received so far. This is not a new subject to Oakmont. Several years ago the board authorized our manager to sign a letter of intent to purchase several. Later, a $3,000 cancellation penalty was paid when the board withdrew from the agreement.

    Why? Retired medical doctors in Oakmont succeeded in persuading the board to hold a town hall forum on the subject. I believe every M.D. spoke against buying AEDs. In short, the reason was the data supporting their purchase applied to people typically younger than Oakmont residents. The success rate for our age cohort was poor. Possibly worse, the procedure often saved a life but left the person in a vegetative state.

    I forget the particulars of concern about the likely misuse of AEDs by ill-trained people, and on persons who preferred not to be treated, but they added reasons not to buy the equipment.

    What has changed? Do we have data that indicating better outcomes when this equipment is used on the elderly? If not, this subject deserves more discussion.

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