Today a special meeting of the OVA Board was held for the sole purpose of appointing a Nominating Committee (NC) for the 2020 Board election, in keeping with the requirements of section 5.4 of the OVA Bylaws (see the meeting agenda).

In introducing the resolution to make the appointments, Tom Kendrick noted that for some years now director candidates have been self appointed, not requiring application and approval by the NC, but that the NC is still important in order to make sure that there are enough candidates running for election to fill the available seats and to meet the requirement of the Bylaws that there be at least two more candidates running than there are seats available.  (For the 2019 election, this requirement was not met.  The NC was appointed about two weeks late, giving them less time to recruit candidates, and the efforts they made to get OVA members to run for the Board were not successful in getting the Bylaws-required number of candidates.)

Tom announced that two OVA members, Elaine Bennett and Rob Lanahan, have applied to be members of the NC.  Given that the Bylaws require a committee with five members, he then nominated the directors who are not running in 2020, and who are therefore eligible to serve, to fill out the NC.  These directors are Heidi Klyn, Carolyn Bettencourt and Noel Lyons.  The resolution was for the appointment of these five to the 2020 Nominating Committee.

There was little discussion and just one OVA member, Bruce Bon, speaking at Open Forum on the resolution.  Bruce thanked the new members of the NC for serving, agreed with Tom’s description of the role of the 2020 NC, acknowledged that it may be a serious challenge to recruit the needed number of Board candidates, and asked that they:

  • Try very hard to meet the Bylaws requirement of having at least two more candidates running than the number of seats open, and feel guilty if they are not able to meet that standard.
  • Be as transparent as possible, so that OVA members will be able to see the steps they take to recruit candidates for the Board.

With little further discussion, the resolution was passed, thus creating the 2020 Nominating Committee.

Note:  if your life situation is such that you would be able to serve on the OVA Board of Directors, you should seriously consider submitting your name to the NC as a candidate in the upcoming election.  Every month, the Board make decisions that will affect us all, and an essential element for democratic governance is for the voters to have a choice in elections.

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