• The Summer of Discontent and the Troubles at Oakmont articles all spoke to the times when residents were bitterly divided over projects that lay before the association board, a body of seven members, charged with […]

    • I believe that there are a couple of significant errors above.

      Although I haven’t seen the letter of intent, my understanding is that the AGP lease is not part of it. Tom Kendrick presented four different options for what to do with the property, should OVA succeed in buying it, only one of which includes the AGP lease and the proposed $10/member/month AGP subsidy.

      Also, AGP’s $1M commitment is for their investment during the first year of the lease. There is a further plan (but not commitment) to spend up to $2.5M more over the next ten years, but it is not clear where that money is coming from — most or all of it may be from the OVA subsidy.

    • Thank you, Bruce for your comment.

      We, indeed, do not know with certainty what the contingent Letter of Intent encompasses? We will have to wait to learn of its content. Following is what the Oakmont Vault states:

      At the same time, the OVA is in negotiations with Advance Golf Partners (AGP), a nationally-known leader in turning around and successfully operating golf and hospitality businesses. OVA would lease the golf course properties to AGP, who would operate them.

      AGP’s $1 Million will be a first year commitment. The $2.5 Million you mentioned comes from OVA fund, as reported by OVA Treasurer Elke Strunka.

  • A popular comedian, Ted talk presenter and award winning storyteller, the famous Mary Caroubauses her life story to entertain audiences while raising a few eyebrows. Stories of her Arab/Irish household, her […]

  • Exciting, exhilarating, and exhausting!” best describes the jazz duo of Holland & Coots. With a delightful mix of jazz, blues, stride, boogie, pop, and ragtime, Holland on the piano and Coots on drums have c […]

  • At the June 25th OVA Workshop regarding an OGC  purchase, 4 options were presented:

    Do nothing.Shut down some OGC operationsOperate as now, using a management firmOperate similar as now, with a Net Lease […]

    • According to Tom Kendrick and Kens responses I assume the true costs are:

      $2.5 million from OVA for initial capital improvements and deferred maintenance
      $5,000,000 or $500,000 in subsidized costs for ten years until course can break even. This assumes demand for golf will grow again?

      Then at end of ten years the courses will be self sufficient and break even. No profit to pay back the $7.5 million investment by OVA? The lessee of course will rake in the profits!! Sign me up, I want to be the leaseee!!!

      Did you also pick up from Heidi speech and Tom that this new vision includes summer concerts at the golf course. I bet the golf course home residents will love all that noise for their $7.5 million investment.

    • I want to know who collects the ballots, how secure they will be, and who will be able to witness the counting of ballots.

  • An example of how OVA could be informing the Oakmont community.

    The Oakmont Observer has obtained a copy of a document presented to the membership of the Adobe Creek Homeowners Association that described […]

    • The other and even more major point: the Adobe Creek HOA may have put the question to a membership vote. They definitely distributed the scenarios referred to in the article to the membership. It may be true that, under law and our Bylaws, the OVA Board is not *required* to hold a membership vote, but it absolutely is not true that they are not allowed to hold a membership vote. The claims that board members could be sued successfully for following the results of a membership vote in our situation are fantasy. What the Board should be doing is coming up with two or more *responsible* alternatives, along with cost and benefit estimates for each, and then letting the membership choose.

  • The Oakmont Alliance has increased its fundraising goal to $50,000. According to the recent announcement, the group of OVA members has exceeded its original $10,000 goal having received cash and check […]

  • With a vocal range called staggering, David sings from the deepest bass to the highest falsetto and plays a rhythm guitar. He is joined by the hard driving 5-string banjo of Andy Shaw, the tone of Brian Judd’s m […]

  • Friday, June 14 from 9 AM to 12 PM, Berger Parking LotSponsored by Oakmont Kiwanis and OVA

    It’s time to shred again. Oakmont residents and businesses are invited to bring their documents and other s […]

  • Lawn Bowling is not only fun and easy to learn, it’s great exercise and a wonderful way to meet new friends. You might even win a bottle of wine!

    If you’ve thought about giving it a try, you’re in luck… come […]

  • Headwaters to Headwaters: A Mayacamas Hike Extravaganza @ Sugarloaf Ridge State ParkApr 27 @ 8:45 am – 5:00 pm

  • Dear Editor:

    The following is an open letter sent April 21 to the OVA Board at golf@oakmontvillage.com and others

    Many Oakmont residents (myself included) would be sorry to see golf eliminated from the […]

  • Dear Editor:

    You know what we seem to be missing from our OVA board? A devil’s advocate.

    Members of the board appear to be following the head lemming right over a cliff. One week they are against the p […]

  • Oakmont Community Church invites to come worship with them this Easter Sunday.

    Easter Service at the Berger – Sunday April 21 at 10:30 AM.

    Easter Service at the Gardens – Sunday April 21 at 1:00 PM.

  • You can find the above-entitled article by the company that is acting as broker for the sale of the Oakmont Golf Club at the following link:

    Here is some noteworthy content from the article:

    Golf course real […]

  • On March 22, 2019, a 118 page First Amended Complaint was filed with the Sonoma County Superior Court adding further allegations to the original complaint filed November 30, 2018.  See Oakmont Observer story on […]

    • Very interesting to see details that many of us knew to be the case but did not have full proof when it was happening. I sensed all along that Cassie had an agenda, bias, and collusion within the OVA Board, Oakmont News and 3rd party entities. Some of this can naturally happen when working for an organization like this, but the high level of deceit she exhibited, along with the accusations she made of others, shows a lack of integrity and care for many in the community.

      What is also key is the indictment of outliers in all that happened, such as the CC being fully on one side of the issue and looking for ways to have influence.

      “Jim Brewer, Communications Committee and Editorial Team member wrote to Turner and OVA Agents and fellow Editorial Team members Marty Thompson and Jackie Ryan, ‘We should find out the procedure for challenging an election…Maybe even before the new one is seated.’ “

      And who are running the CC now?

  • Spring Class Preview Wednesday, March 20, 3:00 PM, Berger Center Six new classes start in April with interesting subjects taught by informative and entertaining instructors – Quilts, Latin American Culture, An […]

  • Dear Editor:

    Oakmont needs to face the reality of our current lifestyles.   Golf while a core constituent of Oakmont past is unlikely to be important now and into the future.   We need to downsize this f […]

  • Next OVA Golf Club Committee Meeting

    WHEN: Tuesday March 26 at 1:30pm
    WHERE: Large OVA conference room, OVA offices

    JANUARY 29 Golf Club Committee Minutes – https://oakmontobserver.com/1-29-2019-golf-club-committee-minutes/

    FEBRUARY 26 Golf Club Committee Notes – https://oakmontobserver.com/golf-course-committee-notes/

  • The Oakmont Observer accepts opinion articles on any community-related topic for the Opinion page or as Letters to the Editor.
    Our coverage extends beyond OVA policy, politics and governance.  We accept a […]

  • Recent Update on OGC

    a report on the February 26th Golf Club Committee meeting, it appears that the
    OGC has yet to be listed by the brokerage handling the sale.  Committee Chair Tom Kendrick said that […]

    • Dawn – only to those who don’t understand what’s wrong with how this entire matter has been handled.

    • Sue – There’s nothing equitable about a sliding scale for such an expensive luxury amenity that wasn’t part of the dues package when we purchased our properties and for which OVA currently has no responsibility. Something is very wrong if 7 transient BOD members are allowed to make a decision that has such a significant impact on 4785+ members.

      I’ll also point out the tremendous administrative burden of annually verifying the financial profiles of 4785 members, not that our individual finances are OVA’s business.

      In response to one of the meeting notes above, 4785 x $2500 = $11,962,500, which is closer to $12million.

    • One needs to consider the facts. Golf management experts have been trying to make OGC profitable for years and have failed to do so. The initial cost is only a small segment of the cost. $2500 initial assessment and then significantly higher monthly dues to subsidize a few golfers 260 using fixed income residents money. Golf is an expensive sport and if you want to play you need to pay. Do not ask for subsidies from your neighbors. Home prices will plummet if we take this course or even worse no one will buy and houses will foreclose and be boarded up. No to entangling our life savings to support the golfers. I am a golfer and I pay to play!

    • Sun City Lincoln Hills doesn’t own the golf courses. This is taken from their website:

      “The Lincoln Hills Golf Club is privately owned by Billy Casper Golf and is not part of the Association amenities. Residents may purchase a variety of golf packages offering reduced rates for residents and tee time reservations 14 days in advance. Through the years, the Lincoln Hills Golf Club has successfully hosted competitive events such as the 2003 LPGA Tour’s Longs Drug Challenge, the 2008 NCAA Ladies West Regional Golf Tournament, as well as hundreds of other local charity and corporate events.”

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